So Long and Thanks for all the WordPress Love

We’ve decided to stop supporting all the amazing themes that we’ve created here on, but have no fear, we’re just moving to a new website with a lot of great new themes.  The new site will be called themeit and we’re hoping that can be an incredible resource for free and premium theme reviews.  We’ve already created over half a dozen great free WordPress themes that you can download for absolutely nothing and we hope to be creating a whole bunch more in the upcoming weeks and months.

WordPress has been a passion of ours, so we’re going to continue to curate a massive amount of great looking themes in our WordPress theme collections.  Look for amazing, helpful theme collections like our 100+ amazing portfolio themes for creatives, over 70 incredible personal blog themes, tons of outstanding video themes, fantastic, high quality WooCommerce themes for WordPress and a whole lot more.

We hand review all of these themes for quality, so if you spot a theme on any of these collections, you can count on it being a really high quality theme.  We hope you enjoyed your time on themesplate and please, if you’ve bookmarked us, switch them over to themeit, because we’ve got a ton of incredible themes to come.